4 days in Mexico City

What a colourful description, thanks to my friend Beth for sharing her very first experience of Mexico with us all. I am really looking forward to following her adventures.

Todo Sobre México

It hasn’t quite been a week since I arrived in Mexico but there’s already plenty to say about this place.

First impression is that Mexico is the country of contrasts. Wealthy but impoverished. Patriotic and passionately Mexican but politically corrupt, a heartbroken population following tragic current affairs. Naively I thought Mexico would be a bigger version of Spain, I mean they speak the same language right? I stand completely corrected and am so happy for it. In my very short experience so far Mexicans have to be one of the warmest and welcoming races on the planet. To me it’s bizarre buying bus tickets, ordering a coffee or asking for directions and not being coldly greeted by rude/unhelpful Spanish speaking folk. Not saying all Spanish people are rude (though in my experience I’d happily go with most are when it comes to public services) but Mexicans are more than happy…

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So, what do you think? All constructive suggestions much appreciated

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