There are many #goodthings I’d like to share with you but the one massive good thing for me this year was the generous presence of the sun!

Those of you who can enjoy a healthy dose of sun regularly may not relate to my entry today, so you may like to walk away right now  and do something different-in the sun; come back please tomorrow though!

But those of us that don’t get to see enough sun will be right with me today.

I live surrounded by woods. Beautiful woods! Packed with bird song, loads of wildlife, magnificent oaks. They provide a lot of shade, they break up the wind, they bring me hours of entertainment in the autumn when I am sweeping up tonnes of leaves to make leaf mould compost for the veg garden, they delight me with purple carpets of bluebells in the spring.  They also take away a lot of the sun that I find it’s already sparse in the UK!

I love the sun. In another life I must have been a lizard, I must have spent my life basking in the sun, revelling in the sun’s rays all over my body.

Well this year we had a particularly sunny summer for which I am grateful! It’s not so much the basking in the sun element that kept me happy but waking up in the morning to yet an other sunny day!

So here’s to the sun today and the joy it brings us !


So, what do you think? All constructive suggestions much appreciated

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