Summer break

I’ve been working outdoor today. The sun is shinning, it’s a lovely day. There are five majestic willow trees right in front of me. It’s snowing bast on me. Not that I knew what bast is 5 min ago but I asked uncle Google and he told me, through the lovely blog of Mandy Haggit who is blogging about all trees.

So I learn from Mandy that willow seeds are dispersed by the wind. Bast is the fluff around the seeds. It’s good kindling, would you believe it!?

Well, all this fluff floating about takes me right back to my childhood. We had some grand poplar trees in the schools’ ground and this fluff, sorry, I mean this bast, was all over the playground. I remember playing with it and expectantly longing for the summer break.

And so today, this bast takes me right to that place of yearning for the summer break.

Willow bast

Willow bast


So, what do you think? All constructive suggestions much appreciated

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