Love filled birthdays

It was my birthday yesterday. I am still buzzing, full of a lovely warm glow. I am feeling loved, grateful, fortunate. 

I had a plan for my birthday, there were a couple of things I wanted to happen so I planned my day – not much like me, but it felt right this time. What I learned was that plans are great and that they are also so effemeral! Everything changes all the time, so many things are out of our control – as much as we’d like to think that everything is under control 🙂 The realisation of this and the simplicity of it makes me smile 🙂 I kind of  knew it already but it really sank in yesterday. 

Yes, most of my day happened as planned, not all of it though!  And despite that I had a fantastic time, surrounded by people, lovely food, games, laughter, special presents from the heart, oh so yummy  Rhubarb birthday cake made by my generous housemates, warm FB messages , zingy mojitos and a buzzing phone (sorry to my lovely friends and family who called and I could’t take your call, I know you called and I am very grateful, I am so sorry I missed you).  

I hope I have ahead of me a new crazy, exciting and magical year. I hope I am wiser. I hope it will be fun. But most of all I hope that whatever life has in store for me will place me right at the heart of my path, in a new space that I can fill with good stories: about me, about us all, about life in all it’s beauty and quirkiness. 


Photo taken at Blue Ginger Art Galery and Cafe. Artist Veronica Gosling, Forest of Dean. 


So, what do you think? All constructive suggestions much appreciated

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