I’ve been following and really enjoying Jamie Catto’s blog for a while now. He is running a two day workshop in London next week, ‘What about you’ – helping to bring ideas from your head to real life. The good news is that  I’ve been accepted on his workshop, I am super excited! Here’s the link, just in case you are interested too, it should be a fantastic weekend if you are working on bringing a new project to life. #goodthings


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    • It was a really cool bunch of people – although just two days – I got the feeling some of them will always be in my life now, even if from a distance. There was something about the atmosphere I can’t put into words, but had a ‘going home’ and ‘unfolding’ feel – like this was stuff I already knew but was hidden. I think it will continue to impact things over the next weeks, months… I really wanted to go to the one next week but plans have clashed. I’ll def be going to it next time it comes to London. Yes, Jamie is a catalyst 🙂


So, what do you think? All constructive suggestions much appreciated

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