365 good things

Welcome 2015, a new year with new opportunities, challenges and brand new magic!

My intention for 2015 is to make a note of all the good things that happen to me and to share them with you through this blog. No matter how small or how big, every day I will make a note of one good thing that happens to me, until the end of 2015.

Good things happen all the time, but sometimes we take no note because other bigger and more pressing things make us overlook them. But good things happen all the time! Maybe someone invites you for a chat over a cuppa when you’re having a rubbish day. Maybe you notice a child laughing and that makes you smile. Maybe a pretty little flower catches your eye on your way to work. Maybe a friend takes you out for dinner. Maybe you find the last available parking space just as you rush to your very important appointment. Maybe you had time to read a great book. Maybe someone introduced you to a great new band. Maybe …

Please join me in my quest and share your good things with me. I promise to write about one good thing every day! We shall read them all out on New Year’s Eve and marvel at all the good things! #goodthings

For a whole year of good things!

Thanks walpapersbuzz for the pretty pic


2 thoughts on “365 good things

  1. Today my mom confessed that dad consider that I`m very smart.To hear that from them is very special.
    Here comes my very first good thing this year :))


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